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Application Delivery (ADX)

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Insert a string into HTTP-Requests


I have a ServerIronGT E-2 Router running Version 11.0.00eTF2. The Loadbalancer inserts the Client-IP into HTTP-Requests using a CSW-policy (match "rule1" rewrite request-insert client-ip). Now I want to insert a string in front of the Client-IP:

<Name of the department>: Client-IP:

In the ServerIron ADX Server Load Balancing Guide I figured out the following command:

ServerIron ADX(config-csw-policy1)# match r1 rewrite request-insert client-ip "MyClientIP"

But on the ServerIronGT E-2 this command doesn't work. Is there any posibility to insert a defined string within the http request?

Thanks in advance!

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