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Application Delivery (ADX)

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GSLB configuration: How to apply policy for a particular domain

I need to apply a different policy (specifically a different order for determining the best server) for doman as opposed to my other domains. I have a global policy defined. How can I achive this

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Re: GSLB configuration: How to apply policy for a particular domain

There are two level of policies available which you can use:- global and host-level policies.

The  global policy and the host-level policies are two independent policies, so each  one is a self-contained policy


You have  three domains:

The  default global policy has the metric-order containing a set of  metrics:


<some  other metrics>


By  default, each of the above domains will be associated with the global policy.  Now you want to change the metrics and metric-order only for domain say you  want the metric-order to be geographic followed by tie-breaker. you can either  change the global policy but this will also affect the other two domains or you  can configure a host-level policy with the metric-order geographic tie-breaker  and attach it to

So  host-level policies give you added granularity to control metrics, their order  and other parameters at the domain level and will be defined similar to global  policy.

Hope  this helps

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