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Application Delivery (ADX)

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ADX/HLB - how to show sessions by server

ADX-1008, running 12.2.00aT403.  i'm like to see a table of my real servers, and what source IP's have been directed there.  (i.e. I want to see which of my client's IP's have been directed to which real server).

Doing a bit of Googling shows a "show session" command, but that isn't available from the enable prompt, apparently -  I just get an "Invalid input -> session" error.

I know there's a table in there somewhere, if for no other purpose than to track session affinity.  I'd be grateful for any advice on how to get a peek at that.

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Re: ADX/HLB - how to show sessions by server

hmm this should work for you.  Is this the command you tried?

ServerIron# show session all 0

Session Info:


0:UDP, 1:TCP, >:fwdSess, +:userCntFlgSet, D:sessInDelQ, F:fin_setFlg, A:acked

* before age indicates that the static bit is set

Index Src-IP Dst-IP S-port D-port Age Serv Flags

===== ====== ====== ====== ====== === ==== ==========

0 5 80 *0 n/a SLB1 #

1 5 80 *0 n/a SLB1 #

2 80 10242 32 n/a OPT1 #

3 80 10242 - rest SLB1 A

4 1333 80 33 n/a OPT1> #

5 1333 80 - rest SLB1>+

6 1 1 *60 n/a SLB1 #

7 1 1 *60 n/a SLB1 #



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Re: ADX/HLB - how to show sessions by server

Yes, that was the one I attempted.  "session" isn't an available show command on my OS or platform, apparently.   And yes - I tried it from an enable prompt, exactly as you've shown below.  That type of chart is EXACTLY what I need to see.

SSH@ADX01#show session all 0
Invalid input -> session all 0
Type ? for a list

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Re: ADX/HLB - how to show sessions by server


You have to do this on the rconsole !

#rconsole 1 1

1/1# show session all 0

Then you can leave it with the command


Take care as you can do nasty thing whitin the rconsole!


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