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  • Hi Lynn, I found this function and I did unlock the model. Thank you.

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  • @Tarek Kamal I too am excited about the great milestone we reached by publishing Consuming REST for Gen's CICS and Java applications. We will have a consolidated PAX file for our mainframe users very soon. I don't have a timeline for our non-mainframe ...

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  • Posted in: Gen

    Yes, The product is: CA API Developer Potal Uriel Cohen CA Technologies | Broadcom API Management & Security Services CA Technologies | Broadcom Division at NessPro Israel Mobile: +972-50-3362816 ...

  • Posted in: Gen

    Happy New Year to all! Apologies for the delay. Here is both the November and December 2021 list of New & Updated Gen Knowledge Base Articles (November 1- December 31, 2021, US EDT) The full list of KB articles can be found from the CA Gen Product ...