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SAN Health Utility

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Interrupts:               42              Link_failure: 8          Frjt:         0
Unknown:                0               Loss_of_sync: 6          Fbsy:         0
Lli:                         42              Loss_of_sig:  6
Proc_rqrd:              152             Protocol_err: 0
Timed_out:              0               Invalid_word: 47
Rx_flushed:             0               Invalid_crc:  0
Tx_unavail:             0               Delim_err:    0
Free_buffer:            0               Address_err:  0
Overrun:                 0               Lr_in:        8
Suspended:           0               Lr_out:       14
Parity_err:             0               Ols_in:       8
2_parity_err:          0               Ols_out:      8
CMI_bus_err:         0

Port part of other  ADs: No

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Re: portshow

Is the Port connected to Device ? If yes, HBA or Array ?

or is a ISL Port connect to a second switch in the Fabric ?

what is the FOS Release ?

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Re: portshow


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Re: portshow

--->>> can you please let me know how can i find these.. plz...

sure i can your help however I cannot see from here if is the Port is connected to any Device such as HBA/Server or Array, or is a ISL Port connect to another Switch in the Fabric.

login to the switch ( telnet ) and collect the output with follow command





and post here.

is this a productive environments ?

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