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SAN Health Utility

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What does "Hang Mems" mean?

Thumbing through my Zoning Details after running Brocade SAN Health, I notice some of my Zone Names are highlighted along with respective Zone Members, and they seem to corespond to Aliases Statistics, Zone Statics, and Config Statistics, and they all say "Hang Mems".

What does that mean?

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Re: What does "Hang Mems" mean?

Take a look @

Perhaps you need to clean up old configs..

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Re: What does "Hang Mems" mean?

I'm going to check it out more closely.  Is it possible that we are only use one port on each HBA and its causing the WWN with no connection reporting in as a "hang mem" .  Or, is it possible that we might have changed the host names at the host but not in the zones?  Or does the zoning even know what the actual host names are?

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Re: What does "Hang Mems" mean?

Hi Mickey,

It's not likely that the HBA's having a second port or the host names changing would have any affect on the hanging zone number.

Hanging zones are simply the opposite of an unzoned device.  An unzoned device is a device that is registered in the name server but is not defined in a zone.  A hanging zone is a defined zone that has no device logged into the name server.

If at one time you had added the second/unused port from your HBAs into a zone, then yes that could be the source of your hanging zones.  Or, it could be that as time goes one, devices get retired from the SAN but never deleted from the zones that they were members of.  This shouldn't cause a problem (unless there were thousands of them and the zone db was full), but it is untidy housekeeping.  Future troubleshooting and even future migrations to a new fabric can be made easier by resolving the hanging zones.

Hope this helps!



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