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SAN Health Utility

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SANHealth report - extract to usable format?

Hello I was curious is anyone has found a good way to extract the SAN Health report information/data into additioanl spreadsheets.


Example:  I want to pull only the hung/stale alias/zones from these Brocade SANHealth reports ("Z_FABRIC".. tabs) to then spin cleanup scripts which I would use via command line.


The report under Z_FABRIC.. tabs show stale aliases in aqua, attempting to past these columns to another Excel SS doesnt work effieciently b/c of the resident formatting.  I attempted multiple cut/past/copy with and without all cell fromatting options and it continually carries the source formatting or pastes ALL the data which doesnt filter the data set (stale/aqua) of which I'd like to work with.  Very same experience with text files as well, meaning all or nothing.  I know I can "ctrl" select the stale/aqua values however the efficiency decreases doing this...


I have used zonevalidate previously, where output can be somewhat SS manipulated into scripts, just looking for the most efficient way.


Not a huge deal but the SANHealth report is great, just wish I could further automate from its output.


Any ideas and help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: SANHealth report - extract to usable format?

That's one of the reasons we added the CSV files.  They're meant to provide the data in a more "scriptable" format without having to try and slice data out of an Excel document that if formatted for readability rather than data access.

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