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SAN Health Utility

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SAN Health "Port Use" ?

Can anyone help me with the Fabric Summary / Port Use / Port Speed section of a SAN Health report?  I have attached a pic of a Fabric Summary showing the Port Use / Port Speed columns.  What metric is this section using?  Switchshow does not list any devices in the fabric as 1 Gb, but this section shows some 1 Gb activity.

Also at what point (% Bandiwth Util) is a switch considered overutilized?

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Re: SAN Health "Port Use" ?

Hi delmerken,

Please send the .BSH file in to us at and we can look in the report generation logs to see why you have 8 devices showing as 1 GB.

As for the bandwidth utilization: calling a switch "overutilized" is based your preference and the design guides of your vendor.  Please check with your vendor for guidance if you are concerned about maxing out any of your ports.

SAN Health Admin

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