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SAN Health Utility

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Explanatory notes


I am attempting to find the explanatory notes for the SAN Health Report utility.  They do not appear in the sample file provided on the Brocade SAN Health site.

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Re: Explanatory notes

what is "explanatory notes" ?

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Re: Explanatory notes

Usually there is a tab near the end of every report that provides a detailed explanation of how to interpret the results.  If one retrieves the current sample report on the site, it is listed on the Table of Contents as supposed to be available on page 57.  The other two pieces, glossary (page 65) and references (page 67) are not included either.

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Re: Explanatory notes

Hi tpearce,

We removed the Explantory Notes section from SAN Health reports a few years ago.  Much of the still relevant information was moved to the help file that gets installed with SAN Health.  If there are any questions you have that are not answered by the help file please feel free to write in to and we will answer any questions about SAN Health.



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