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Migration from IronView to BNA - Linux

Hello Community.

Has anybody done the upgrade migration from IronView 3.3 to BNA 11.x on Linux?

What is your expereince?

My current problem is the base OS RedHat:

INM Release Notes requests the following Linux OS:

Supported RedHat Enterprise Linux (x86 platform):

Release 4 (AS, ES, WS, and Desktop)

Release 5 (Advanced Platform, Base Server, and Desktop)

BNA requests the following OS:

RedHat AS 4.8 (32-bit)

RedHat 5.4 Advanced Platform (32-bit)

SuSE ES 10 SP 1, 11 (32-bit)

Since INM rel notes only requested any RHEL5 the customer used Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.6 (Tikanga).

And now..... BNA requests explicit the old 5.4 version!

Any now..... what to do? Will it work also?

Any ideas?

Thank you very much,


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