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Invalid license. The license file may be corrupt - While upgrading

Hi forum members,


I upgraded our INA ( IBM Network Advisor) from version 14.2.1 to 14.4.3. The installation and data migration went fine, but when I reached the Server License optin, and tried to go forward by pressing next, I got the following error: Invalid license. The license file may be corrupt. (See attachment )


I tried to go back one step to "Resource Validation and Data Migration" and then next to get back to Server License option.

But now, my filed serial and license key has gone... luckily I made a screen shot about that, so I have the serial, and the License key, but when I tried to retype it, I got the same issue.



So my question would be is it enough to copy the license as text from Help --> license menu?

( I can roll back the installation, I have snap shot about the VM )

Can I request it again via  Broadcom License Management portal in case I don't know the transaction key or unit ID. I'm not the one who installed the product.


Regards, Tamas.

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