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How to schedule reload of multiple switches in BNA?

I am trying to deploy CLI to "reload" and it passes the verify but fails the actual deploy...


Deploying CliConfigDevicePayload...
Error in deploying CliConfigDevicePayload
CLI command failed : Invalid input -> reload at 09:29:00 11-28-16
Type ? for a list, for command: reload at 09:29:00 11-28-16



I've also tried "reload" with no other input.  Same results. 


What am I missing?



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Re: How to schedule reload of multiple switches in BNA?

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Since The Management application automatically assumes the commands you enter are under the configuration level, you need to start your template with "exit" to go back to privilege mode so you can execute the reload command.


The template will look like


write memory (optional)


reload at 09:29:00 11-28-16


Hope this helps addressing your issue






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