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Firmware upgrades and Fabric Manager

Hi All,

we have been using fabric manager to do our switch firmware for A while now. The reason we got it was to be able to do all the switches in a fabric at the same time. We have been upgrading recently to FOS6.1 without any problems. One of the fabrics we have is a mixture of 4100 and 4012 switches. When we upgraded this fabric our hosts lost conectivity to that fabric. The upgrade on all the other fabrics we have done have been seemeless to the hosts. When we raised a call about this with HP the answer back is that you cannot upgrade more than 1 switch in a fabric at one time. I went back to them and said that the whole point of fabric manager is that you can select a whole fabric and upgrade that all in one go. Both HP and Brocade are now saying this is not so and you must do 1 switch at a time. Does anyone else have any experience with this? Do you think fabric manager should be able to do multiple switches at once?

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Re: Firmware upgrades and Fabric Manager


I've been using Fabric Manager on and off over the last few years , and have to agree that it defiantly is handy if you have a ton of switch's you need to manage. In regards to your other question , I see your point and I also see Brocade's point.

If something were to happen during a firmware upgrade to "all" of your switch's in the fabric at the same time , things could be very messy indeed. Better to do one a time.

From an Admin point of view manually upgrading 20 or more switch's in an enviroment is a tedious task , and doing them all at once would be the "nicer" way.


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