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DCNA free version alerts

I have four Brocade 300 FC switches (FOS 7.0.1) all ISL'd together to form a single fabric which is managed by the free version of Network Advisor v12.0.0

DCFM reports "Managed SAN fabric count greater than 90% of licensed fabric count" events every now and then, and triggers an email for 'Management Server Event'

Help, license in NA says "One or more managed count is about to reach the maximum limit", and correctly shows 64 managed ports in a 1000 Maximum Limit, and 1 managed fabric in a 1 Maximum Limit.

Does anyone know how I can prevent these alerts from being triggered and filling up the db with rubbish?

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Re: DCNA free version alerts

There is no way to suppress this message in BNA . The only option is to suppress it from the display by setting up a master log filter .

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Re: DCNA free version alerts

Moved your question to the Management Software forum .

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