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[DCFM] Events not triggered anymore

Hi there,

Having some problems setting up event notification. Worked before in EFCM and in DCFM (Enterprise) 10.3.3.

After removing working policies, and creating new ones, I can't get DCFM to trigger new events. Just upgraded to 10.4.0, because in release notes a fix for event notification was mentioned. After upgrade, still not working.

Now suspecting it has something to do with count and duration parameters. Those parameters aren't very well documented imo.

Someone can enlighten me? Need to fix this ASAP, because not a single event is mailed anymore. Whatever I try, no triggers are fired.



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Re: [DCFM] Events not triggered anymore

Solved the problem by upgrading to BNA 11.0, which looks like it has event policies redesigned and has a lot more options. All working now.

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