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BNA: Events from Master Log to Windows Application Event Log?

Hi there,


Using BNA 14.2.1 here. Got some troubles here:

  • We're using Microsoft SCOM 2016, unfortunately not supported by BNA (support until SCOM 2012). So we cannot integrate BNA with SCOM at the moment.
  • I see 'switch unreachable' messages in the Windows Application Eventlog from source 'DCM' when a switch management interface goes offline for some reason.
  • All other messages (e.g. warnings from MAPS) do NOT appear in the Application Event Log. They do appear in the Master Log.


Is there any way to configure BNA that events with a certain severity will be logged in the Application Event Log? We would love a way to integrate BNA with SCOM somehow. Using the Event Log is a way of doing that, but I can't find a way that works.





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