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BNA Apply Configuration to Port Groups with Configuration Wizard

Has anybody successfully created a port group and used it to enable/disable ports or PoE in their environment?  I've created multiple port groups in multiple versions of BNA and have the same results.  Using the Configuration Wizard to disable/enable ports in a Port Group seem to only have affect on the last port added to the group per device/stack.   Other ports in the group remain unchanged. 


My goal is to define port groups for some PoE devices on my network and schedule a power recycle once/month.  Any other methods to do the same are welcome.





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Re: BNA Apply Configuration to Port Groups with Configuration Wizard

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Hello @nkorosi


I spoke with a TAC representative regarding your question and this was their response:


"This is a known issue with Brocade Network Advisor (BNA). Using a Configuration Wizard payload to disable ports in a Port Group, BNA only disables the last port added to the port group. This will be addressed in a later BNA release, tentatively targeted for the v14.3.0 release."


We hope this answers your question; if we may further assist you via the Community, please let us know.




Denise K.

Brocade Community Team



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