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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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vCops and Network Advisor

I would like to setup our vCops environment with the SAN Analytics Management Pack.  According to the requirements you need vSphere 5.5, vCops 5.8, and Brocade Network Advisor Professional Plus, Enterprise, or Headless Editions.  We have vSphere 5.5 and vCops 5.8 in our enviornment.  What is Brocade Network Advisor Headless Edition?  You have to pay for the Professional Plus and Enterprise editions.  We have two Brocade 6510's.  When I look at the Brocade Network Advisor faq pdf it says the following:


Professional Plus and Enterprise bundles are required to use the Brocade Network Advisor Plugin for VMware vCenter and the Brocade Management Pack for Microsoft SCOM. The integrated SMI Agent is also available without the management interface; this no-GUI client version of Brocade Network Advisor does not require a license.


What is the no-GUI client version of Brocade Network Advisor and is this the headless edition?  Is it free and can I use it with the SAN Analytics Management Pack or do I have to purchase Network Advisor?

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Re: vCops and Network Advisor



Are you sure you mean "BNA headless edition" because I haven't heard of it... I am aware of BNA headless installation which is the silent-mode installation of BNA.


It seems that the no-gui client is the SMI Agent used to control Brocade Switchs via third party applications such as Tivoli, ControlCenter, etc.



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