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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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switching fabricprincipal switch - whether the instantaneous change in

Good denyu.
switching fabricprincipal switch

Trying to change fabricprincipal switch in the factory.
Execute commands
SAN_Switch_2: adm> fabricprincipal 1-f
but fabricprincipal switch in the factory has not changed. How was the "SAN_Switch_ 1" fabricprincipal switch and stayed.

SAN_Switch_2: adm> fabricprincipal 1-f
Principal Selection Mode enabled (Forcing fabric rebuild)
SAN_Switch_2: adm> fabricshow
Switch ID Worldwide Name Enet IP Addr FC IP Addr Name
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------
2: fffc02 10:00:00:05:1 e: 05: e0: 71 "SAN_Switch_ 2"
3: fffc03 10:00:00:05:1 e: 06: bf: 48 "SAN_Blade_1"
4: fffc04 10:00:00:05:1 e: 5e: 0d: 60 "SAN_Blade_2 _1"
5: fffc05 10:00:00:05:1 e: 5e: 0c: 7f "SAN_Blade_2 _2"
10: fffc0a 10:00:00:05:1 e: 05: e0: 0d> "SAN_Switch_ 1"
The Fabric has 5 switches

Maybe what you do not understand.
But I think that after the command (fabricprincipal 1-f), fabricprincipal switch should switch to SAN_Switch_2 immediately.
I ask for help.

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Re: switching fabricprincipal switch - whether the instantaneous change in


The Fabric OS reference (page 246) shows slightly different syntax:

To enable the mode setting and force fabric rebuild:

switch:admin> fabricprincipal -f 1

I think the "force fabric rebuild" really initiate  the principal switch selection. But if the principal switch selection priority higher for the SAN_switch_1 than priority of SAN_switch_2 the princial switch role will not change.

And the second question: who will win if the priority for the both SAN switch are equal?

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Re: switching fabricprincipal switch - whether the instantaneous change in


The one with the lowest WWN would win in case of both having the same priority.

Prior to forcing the Principal switch selection you have to increase the priority of switch SAN_Switch_2, try using:

fabricprincipal --enable -priority 0x01 -force

Unless SAN_switch_1 has a priority of 0x01 (in that case you should decrease it), SAN_Switch_2 would become principal.



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