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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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switch is in marginal status but no faults are indicated

FC Switch DCX8510-4  7.3.0c is in marginal status after powerfault and portblade replacement.

There are currently no faults on the switch.  Supportshow is clean.

MAPS is enabled


I found the following solution on EMC Support Page but it is for v7.3.1a

But it discribes exactly the problem. Can this work for 7.3.0 too ?

Issue No impact.

Converted from Fabric Watch to MAPS while on FOS 7.3.1a and had to do hafailover to force MAPS to activate.
Afterwards the switch status in the GUI had a yellow triangle and MAPS status shows a faulty blade incorrectly.
The status remained marginal in the GUI.
'Supportsave' showed nothing wrong with the switch and all blades healthy.

There is no current fault condition on the switch , so the MAPS status is not a genuine error.
This is a known defect, which is resolved in FOS 7.4 (internal defect, not in release notes).

  Change Convert from Fabric Watch to MAPS.   Resolution Permanent Fix:

resolved in FOS 7.4



reboot standby CP


This may need to be done twice, so that both CPs are rebooted ('hafailover' after the CPs are back in sync, then repeat the above steps).

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Re: switch is in marginal status but no faults are indicated

Hello Lutz,


I would start looking at the 7.4 release notes and search for defects with similar symptom. It is not rare a bug persist across some fos versions, for example, a problem may be first reported in 7.3.0 and corrected just under 7.4.


Wish you luck there!

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