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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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sorting events issue in gui

hello Everyone,


On Brocade 300 with FOS 7.1.1c I can sort events by date.


After upgrade FOS to 7.2 or 7.3 I found out that you can't sort events in gui by date.


You can do that by the name of day ???


Can anyone else seen that?


For me it's not a big deal as mostly I use cli  , but for someelse that might be a problem...



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Re: sorting events issue in gui

Hi Robert,


i just checked it with B300 FOS V7.3 and i can sort events by date and time.


Which GUI do you use? Webtools or BNA?


Here it works with both.

Kind Regards
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Re: sorting events issue in gui

hi Ralf,


I use Webtools , 


I tested that few times , and on fos711c there's no issue

but if I do upgrade fos to 72x or 73 then I have that issue


thankx for your reply



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