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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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snmpget with Virtual Fabric


I got following error when I ran snmpget command using swFCPortTxWords against Virtual Fabric.

$ snmpget -v 3 -n "VF:22" -u kuro -a MD5 -A password

Error in packet

Reason: noAccess


But another port on default switch (FID:128) works fine.

$ snmpget -v 3 -n "VF:128" -u kuro -a MD5 -A password

iso. = Counter32: 0


Another view point, if noAuth, noPriv user, "admin" works fine.

$ snmpget -v 3 -n "VF:22" -u admin

iso. = Counter32: 1461


I got above result under DCX-4S with FOS 6.3.2b.

Do I miss something important configuration ?


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