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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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several member in zone alias

Hi there,

Are  SAN best practices  ok to use 2 (or several)  members  in an zone alias  in large SAN fabric .?

I am using it on AIX Virtual NPIV FC alias  for LivePartitionMobily .

One zone alias member is only active at a time

ex :

alias: host_1_fc0   c0:50:76:02:65:42:00:40; c0:50:76:02:65:42:00:41

I can't find paper talking about it..

Thanks for help

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Re: several member in zone alias

An alias is just a little helper to organize your zoning. So IMHO there is no technical difference between having 2 aliases with 1 address each or 1 alias with 2 addresses. The aliases are resolved into zones at the end anyway. The recommendation is of course to keep it clean and simple to help you and third persons (like support personnel) to understand your zoning better if you look at it later

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