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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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replacing a switch (keep settings)



I have to replace two 6510 switches within a fabric. What is the best way ?

Just setup the same domain id on the new switch, save the config of the old switch,

replace the old switch with the new one, configure ip and upload the saved config ?


Or do I miss anything here ?


Bye, Peer

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Re: replacing a switch (keep settings)

Hi Peer,


along the line which you listed:


1. configure IP on the new switch and update to the same version of FOS as the new one


2. Do a configupload of the old switch and download the config to the new switch (switch disabled)


3. Reconfigure the ip address on the old switch and replace old switch.


If you are running VF, then you should first run config upload of the VF configuration (configupload -vf) and then download that to you new switch, before config upload and download the logical switches configuration. If you use -all then, then you do not need take care of the chassis configuration. A few notes from the configupload CLI


In a Virtual Fabric environment, when executed without chassis permissions, this command uploads the current logical switch configuration only. An Admin user with chassis permissions can use additional parameters to perform the following selective configuration uploads:


- Upload the switch configuration of a specified logical switch (-fid FID).

- Upload the chassis configuration only (-chassis).

- Upload the entire system configuration including the data for all logical switches and for the chassis (-all).

- Upload the switch configuration only in Non-VF mode(-switch).


In a non-Virtual Fabric environment, this command by default uploads the configuration for the default logical switch only. To upload the chassis-level configuration only, use the -chassis option. To upload both the chassis and switch configuration, use the -all option. Chassis permissions are required. The -fid option is not valid. The -switch option is equivalent to issuing the command default (without options).

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