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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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negotiation issue

Hi people, I'm configuring an EMC VNX, I want to connect it using a fiber channel port to a device that act as FC to IP converter ( MCdata 1620). VNX hba is running at 8/4/2 GB speed, Mcdata SFP support only 1GB so, no negotiation is possible. There's no way to force VNX to 1GB. So I need your help. How can I decrease the VNX speed ? Do you have any Idea?

My idea is to use another fiber channel switch ( DS300 ) that act as passthroug ( so, VNX 2gb-> DS300 port1 ( 2gb)  / DS300 port2 (1gb) -> McData. Is it possible? How can I configurre the DS300 ? 

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Re: negotiation issue

1) EOSi is not Longer support begin FOS 6.3.x

2) the only valuable solution if you want to mantain this old Box, is to downgrade the Brocade 300 to FOS 6.2.x and set the Switch in InteropMode


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