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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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long-distance option requirement


we plan to use dark fibre between two fc switches. When do I have a requiremnt from the distance point of view to use the long-distance option. Is there a knowledhe base article or document which describe the requirement of this option. Our distance will be 13 km. I guess we need it from 10 km or higher.

Many thanks in advance.

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Re: long-distance option requirement

Hi Methone

If your distance is 13k then you will require the correct Long Wave SFP's. The last pack I bought from Sun were rated at 4KM. I'm sure you can get ones that will be rated at long distances.

You'll probably also going to need the "Extend Fabric License" to gain the extra buffer credits on the ports On both of your switches ( I would confirm this with your Vendor).

Hope that helps.


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Re: long-distance option requirement


thanks. Do you have a link to a documnet which describe this requirement explicitly ?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: long-distance option requirement

For Distance 10+ KM you need follow SFP

XBR-000146 (57-1000020-01) - 4G ELWL - 30 km

See in the Brocade Compatibility Matrix for more details.

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Re: long-distance option requirement

While our guru's have provided you some specific information which is very useful (saves u a lot of time), I would recommend reading some basic information which is available in this document.;jsessionid=B23FA3A6D3A2680F5B95A3C7C88292B6

It has everything you need to know about distance extension.

Solution Guide:
SAN Distance Extension Reference
A technical reference for technologies and components associated with
long-distance SAN solutions, including recommended B-Series switch

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