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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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framelog output in supportsave

does supportsave contain Frame Viewer data?

I was looking for framelog command output in supportsave but did not find anything. 


Only RAS_POST.txt contains following


Mon Jun 6 17:11:36 Localtime 2016
1 /fabos/sbin/bottleneckmon --status
2 /fabos/sbin/bottleneckmon --showcredittools
3 /fabos/sbin/framelog --show -n 1200
4 /fabos/sbin/framelog --show -mode dump -n 12000



but no actual output of this command found anywhere in supportsave files.


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Re: framelog output in supportsave

Wasn't the framelog in the AN_DEBUG?


And do you actually have timeout discards on this switch?

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