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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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dead ISLs showing up in BNA

I re-configured my fabric and in the process I removed several old ISLs and replaced them with trunks.  I removed the old ISLs without issue but BNA is showing the old ISLs as failed links.  Is there a way to remove those old links show they won't show up as failed in BNA?

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Re: dead ISLs showing up in BNA

Does your old isl configure as enable bit in portcfgeport, isl r_rdy mode on or long-distance port? Maybe in this you have the problem?

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Re: dead ISLs showing up in BNA

It sounds like you have change tracking enabled in BNA for that fabric. 

If so then use the "accept changes" dialog.  This function might be accessible from right click menu when the fabric is selected on the SAn fabric and switch tree on the left hand side of the display.

A pop-up should appear displaying all the outstanding changes for you to accept.

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