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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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convert a D/P zone to a zone using WWPN

I have a zone using domain/port references in a fabric.  I would like to replace this zone without impacting the server.

The zone name is   server1_zone  and has these members: 99,1; 99,5; 99,10; 99,12; 99,15

The zone configuration name is PRIM_FAB1

Port 1 is the server HBA

Ports 5,10,12,15 are the storage controller ports.

Save current configuration:

zoneobjectcopy "PRIM_FAB1", "PRIM_FAB1_BCK"

My plan would be to create these aliases:

alicreate "server_hba1", "50:0a:09:80:01:5d:9b:d8"

alicreate "storage_ctrA1", "50:05:07:68:01:40:b0:b9"

alicreate "storage_ctrA2", "50:05:07:68:01:30:b0:b9"

alicreate "storage_ctrB1", "50:05:07:68:01:40:b1:b8"

alicreate "storage_ctrB2", "50:05:07:68:01:30:b1:b8"

zonecreate "Z_server_storage", "server_hba1, storage_ctrA1, storage_ctrA2, storage_ctrB1, storage_ctrB2"

cfgadd "PRIM_FAB1", "Z_server_storage"


cfgenable "PRIM_FAB1"

At this point I would have  zone based on the Domain/Port  and a zone on WWPNs for the same server.

I would then want to remove the zone based on Domain/Port

cfgremove "PRIM_FAB1", "server1_zone"


cfgenable "PRIM_FAB1"

In the event of a problem, enable the old configuration

cfgenable "PRIM_FAB1_BCK"

Would these be the steps required to do this with no interruption to the server?


Message was edited by: Jim Galliher with your suggestions.

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Re: convert a D/P zone to a zone using WWPN

I would save the current config i.e. PRIM_FAB1_backup

and the made change or remove unneeded member.

In a case the new config filed, you can quickly activated the backup config

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Re: convert a D/P zone to a zone using WWPN

I added what I thought were your suggestions, would you take a look and see.   I added a zoneobjectcopy of the configuration and an option to enable that configuration in the event there were problems.


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Re: convert a D/P zone to a zone using WWPN

I would also be careful and check the zone enforcement rules. If you only have P,D configured now but you add a new zone with WWPN these pairs will switch to session based zoning instead of frame based hard zoning which could impact traffic flow.

Preferred way of doing is to remove all P,D entries in the defined config, add all new WWN based entries in the defined config and then activate/enable the defined config.

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