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compatibility FOS between 200e and 300


I'm looking for a matrice compatibility between sitsches for exemple :

My old 200e in 6.2.x is compatible with my new 300 in 7.0.x ?


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Re: compatibility FOS between 200e and 300

Brocade 200E with FOS 6.2.2 - btw 6.2.2f is latest release - is full supported to Brocade 300 with FOS 7.x

7.1.1 is current Release.

for details about compatibility refer FOS release Notes.

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Re: compatibility FOS between 200e and 300

Hope this help as it is based on the HP variants of your switches.

Depending on the X with regards to both firmware levels, 6.2 and 7.0 is compatible.

HP states 6.2.2f as a minimum for 7.0.0d.D

Depending on your vendor (EMC, DELL) etc things could be different.

If you have direct Brocade support, you can find the interop. with older FOS version in the release notes for your the FOS7 you 're currently running in the download section of myBrocade..

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