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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Zoning between different firmwares


I have one fabric with two switches  one of them has v6.4.2a version but the another has v5.0.1b. I have to create a new zone there, I wonder if there will be some problem. I'm going to create a PWWN zone. Apart from that in this fabric has zones and everything works perfect

Thanks in advance. We'll keep in touch.

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Re: Zoning between different firmwares


please have a look in the release notes of FOS 6.4.2a. Your configuration is not supported.



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Re: Zoning between different firmwares


According to post, if your configuration is not supported. It cannot be guaranteed that when you perform a modification like adding a new zone, no problems arises. I recommend you to upgrade the switch with FOS v5.0.1b to the latest release supported for that switch.

On the other hand, if the environment has been working without issues, I reckon that it will not start now...


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