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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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I have an existing SAN with two Brocade switches in each Fabric.

And I have two C7000's with Brocade switches to add to each Fabric.

It should be as simple as plugging in an ISL to have the new switches to join fabrics as there's no Zoning or Aliases on the new switches.

However I wanted to run something to emulate the joining of the new switches to the Fabric as part of the change management process to show that this change is low risk.

I just learned of ZoneMerger but it's fairly old.  Is there something newer or is this the utility of choice?

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Re: ZoneMerger

Hi K,

I think there is no oder maner without a lab enviroment to do so, but I can tell you that we have the same brocades e blade one´s on C7000 and its like easy as you describe above. We did this process almost a hundred time.

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