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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Where can I get the WWN Number from a Storage Works SAN Switch 2/16 in the memory system?


I called with Brocade Support, they need a WWN (World wide Number) of the switch. We lost the admin password. But this switch is from HP and has no WWN number on the case. But we need this number to create a unique password recovery firmware.

Device: HP Storage Works SAN Switch 2/16

P/N: 322119-B21

Fabric OS v3.x

HP Support want to send a technican, so he can get the wwn number from the system. I think he will use "display memory" from the boot menu. Can anybody tell me which address this could be? Thanks.

Here is the boot menu, which I'm talking about:

: ?

?                     - print this list
@                     - boot from net (load and go)
!                     - boot from flash (load and go)
p                     - print boot params
c                     - change boot params
l                     - load boot file
g adrs                - go to adrs
d adrs            - display memory
m adrs                - modify memory
f adrs, nbytes, value - fill memory
t adrs, adrs, nbytes  - copy memory
e                     - print fatal exception
n netif               - print network interface device address
N                     - set ethernet address
$dev(0,procnum)host:/file h=# e=# b=# g=# u=usr f=#
                           tn=targetname s=script o=other
Boot flags:
   0x02  - load local system symbols
   0x04  - don't autoboot
   0x08  - quick autoboot (no countdown)
   0x20  - disable login security
   0x40  - use bootp to get boot parameters
   0x80  - use tftp to get boot image
   0x100 - use proxy arp

available boot devices: ei fei

For other posters, I know that the switch is End of life, but Brocade will send me a password recovery reset file if I can provide a WWN Number. HP want 300 Euro for the support, Brocade want 200 Euro. The working time for this problem are about 10 minutes. Thats a very good earning.

I don't want a big second level case for me, I just need one information, "where can I get the wwn Number from the system"? Thanks.


I found something interesting in the internet. A person used the "go to adrs" option to boot into the system without asking for password. But the system is not the same as mine. After booting to the adress from the OSLoader entry he mounted the drive with: mount -o remount,rw,noatime /

Then he did: mount /dev/hda2 /mnt

and finaly he resetted the password with: /mnt/sbin/passwddefault

with a: reboot -f

But I don't have the informations about the OSLoader address. Has somebody it for me? Thanks.



After several hours of trying very different things, I looked for a tool to read the wwn number and yes, there is a tool from the official HP Site:

It is called: PKICERT Utility to retrieve and install certificates in HP Storage Works SAN and Core Switches


With this I got this number: WWN = 10:00:00:60:69:51:ac:08;

And I found this: A WWN calculatior from the serial number and port number:

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