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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Virtual Connect modules relocated on the SAN

I have a new pair of DCX switches. I have ISL'd the prod 24000 switches into the new DCX fabric pair (A&B). Will move hosts over soon but there are also Blade enclosures with HP Virtual Connect modules. I will need to move these to the new DCX from the 24k, can I simply move cables from 24K to DCX without a zone change? Essentially the VC mods are managing the WWN's for the blades. I configured the zone info way back when I installed the new VC mods based on what I was given from VCEM. Can’t imagine this changing just because I relocated them (VC Mods) from one switch to another but I need to ask the community what you think or if you experienced this before. Soft zoning only is used in this environment.

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Re: Virtual Connect modules relocated on the SAN

If you zoned those blades using the ww(p)n you can move the VC's to a new port.

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