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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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VE to VEx on 7800

I'm trying to get two devices in location A talking to devices in location B.


I have the two 7800 setup and talking, a tunnel and circuit established and have had a VE to VE config running. However, we don't want the fabrics to merge, just have the two devices connected to each other.


Does anyone have a working example of a VE to VEX configuration?


Device1 <-> SANSWa <-> 7800A <-> 7800B <-> SANSWb <-> Device2


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Re: VE to VEx on 7800



enable FC-Router on one 7800, configure your VE-Port to an VEX-Port and connect the other VE Port.

After that insert the LSAN-Zones in both Fabrics. Thats it.

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Re: VE to VEx on 7800

[ Edited ]

The best way to separate fabrics with (FC-FC Routing) FCR is to form Backbone fabric from two 7800 connected via FCIP tunnel (as you have in your case). Then you need to set up EX port from each 7800 to neighbour switch. Thus you will get Edge fabrics in both locations. 


Using VEX port is also supported but used in cases when it's not possible to set up Edge fabric on the other site. Single 7800 on that site, for example.


You could find more information on supported topologies in "SAN Design and Best Practices", Section"FCIP with FCR".



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