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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Upgrading Firmware from 6.4.1a to 7.01b

Hi guys,

Please let me know is it possible to directly upgrade switch firmware from 6.4.1a to 7.01b ?

What precautions need to be measured.

I will perform upgrade thru SAN Loader.

I have downloaded configs with configupload command.

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Re: Upgrading Firmware from 6.4.1a to 7.01b


The upgrade from to v6.4.1a to v7.0.1b is direct, with no intermediate steps. Prior to perform the upgrade, check within 7.0.1b Release notes if your switch supports that code release. If you use Fabric Manager, may also need to upgrade it in order to manage the switchs with 7.0.1b.

When it comes to the upgrade itself, I am no used to that tool. I recommend you to check the Upgrade chapter in the Administrator guide. On the other hand, you should check that HA is active (in case you have a dual-cp switch), that there are no errors in any module, or in errdump. If there are more switchs in the fabric, check compatibility between them and the new firmware release. Also you need to check if you have FCIP/iSCSI/etc, it will probably be disruptive for this features. To sum up, confirm that everything's working as expected before upgrading and the upgrade will go smoothly.


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