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Upgrade to v6.4.1 FOS


I have to write a detailed step by step plan on every step involved in updating 4 or our switches from v6.3.1a and v6.3.0b to the latest and greatest FOS ahead of merging them to form 2no 2 switch fabrics. Having never even done a FOS upgrade im finding this a little tricky seeing as no matter where i search i cannot find anything on the net or on the Brocade site to help. I have s a limited understanding of the process but haveing never actually done this before thats not good enough for our clients.

Does anyone know where i can find this type of information that would help me locate all the steps/commands involved?

Also, can i ask when it comes to downloading the version of the FOS i have managed to find this via a link from IBM website (2 of the switches are IBM80-4B switches - 5300s) but what vesion should i download? Its available for Windows or Unix im wondering which i should grab? I am guessing that all depends on where you are putting the download right and downloading it from when issuing the firmwaredownload command?

Many thanks for any help, it will be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Upgrade to v6.4.1 FOS

Sorted it. Found the Fabric OS Admin Guide for v6.4.0 via EMC powerlink website.

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Re: Upgrade to v6.4.1 FOS

The only difference between Windows and Unix is the zip format nothing else.

The most important think is to download the release notes of each code. You will find helpful tips for the procedure and which pitfalls are around.

Make sure that you download a version which your support contractor recommends.

Otherwise you get problems when you open cases.

The difficult question is to run each switch on the latest supportet level or both on the same one.

This depence primary on the Defects which are fixed for the 300 (8GBit) product line in new codes.

Here is a Brocade Best practise guide. It is quite old but the basics are in.

If you need further assist let me know.


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Re: Upgrade to v6.4.1 FOS

Thanks for the assistance. I think i am fairly happy with the process now, i am just waiting to get confirmation from IBM and EMC about what the latest version of the FOS they are supporting.

Just need to identify a server we can use to put the firmware on that can be used as an FTP server and then i think we should be okay to go.

Andreas - Thanks for your assistance on this.


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