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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Switch FFDC - chip 1 restarted on B12 (Extension Blade)

Hi all


just ran into an issue configuring up FCIP on a DCX extension blade.


high level details


both DCX switches configured with VF, both DCX swtiches contain a base switch (FID 8 for both) with 1 Ex port and 1 VE port assigned, both DCX switches contain a logical switch to connect storage to  (FID 16 for both) with 1 E port, 16 FC ports


We were able to create the IPIF's on FID 128 (default switch - xgex ports belong here as per the fos guide), IPRoutes, on the base switch we configured the tunnels and everything was fine there.


We peformed LSAN zoning on the logical switch, and confirmed the WWPN's imported properly on the Base Switch  - so far all is ok


We then perfromed the partnership between storage sytsems, and it created, but shortly after, the partnership was lost.


We looked at the tunnel and noticed it offline, then took a look at the switches.  On 1 switch, we noticed the error in the subject line, Chip 1 restarted on BP slot 12 (where the extension blade is installed)

We also noticed that the IPIF and IPROUTES on that switch are gone when we issue the command portshow ipif and portshow iproute , however when we tried to reenter the ipif on the port, it says it is already there, so no idea why when we issue the command to view the ipif and iproutes, we do not see them, but when we try to readd them, it will not let us

So right now, I do not know if we have a hardware issue or a faulty configuration issue that caused this to happen


I do have a support call opened, but just wondering if anyone has seen this sort of thing



Posts: 43
Registered: ‎10-18-2017

Re: Switch FFDC - chip 1 restarted on B12 (Extension Blade)

Found out that the FOS version needs to be updated to 8.1 or 8.2 as there is a known issue

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