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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Swapping out my 200E for 300's

I currently have the following equipment in production:

  • 1x 3PAR 7200
  • 2x Brocade 200E
  • 2x c7000 enclosures that each have 2x 4GB Fiber passthrough modules


I purchased new 2x Brocade 300 8GB fiber switches and want to replace my 200E switches with the new 300's. However at the same time I'm actually using new fiber cables and the 300's are located in a different spot.


My 3PAR has two controllers so PORT 1 on each controller goes to the TOP brocade 200E and PORT 2 on each controller goes to the BOTTOM brocade 200E. Then each c7000 enclosure has a LEFT and RIGHT fiber module. The TOP brocade 200E connects to the left fiber module in each c7000 enclosure and the BOTTOM brocade 200E connects to the right fiber module.



During the change I would have to unplug one cable at a time from the 3PAR and put it on the new Brocade 300 switches. I am hoping to connect the Brocade 300 switches to the modules in the c7000 enclosures before hand.


What happens when I connect the Brocade 300's to the fiber modules in the c7000? Will it pull the current configuration which are managed by the 200E's? Also I was wanting to use 2x fiber cables from the 300's to each module in the enclosures... so my thought was each 300 would have access to basically all fiber modules in the c7000 (right now the top 200E only has access to the left module and the bottom 200E has access to the right module)



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