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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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I am not very familiar with SAN and fiber switches but i have to work on silkworm200e.

I have no idea who was working on this switch but i have to reset it to factory default, set static ip on the switch, set username password and find what is the latest FOS that is supported on this switch.

Is there a way to reset the switch?

Where can i find the EZSwitchSetup software so i can set an ip on the switch.

What is the latest FOS level i can install on the switch

Thank you all


Antonis Marcou

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Re: Silkworm200e


if you have a serial cable or know the current IP on it that will help quite a lot.

I've never used the EZSwitchSetup, can this find the switch through some kind of MAC-scanning?

To set things you can do this via the CLI (through serial console or via telnet/ssh, or even via the web interface).

There is a "Brocade Fabric OS Command Reference Manual" that will help you with the commands.

ipaddrset - set IP

configdefault - reset to default

6.2.2e is the latest supported for the 200E

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Re: Silkworm200e


--->>> I am not very familiar with SAN and fiber switches but i have to work on silkworm200e.

EZSwitchSetup is intended for NEW Switch out of the box.

is the switch is configured/used and IP adress as be set, you must edited the IP manually.

you can reset the switch to factory default ( if you are experienced ) with the same procedure posted here.

save license key!

be aware, not saved license key will be lost if you executed the command.

latest FOS Release is 6.2.2f


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