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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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SFP and fiber compatibility.

I get too much er_enc_out and er_bad_os. So it is probably a hardware problem. But i don't have only one port with errors, all my ports have too much errors. I can't use the san correctly and a copy hangs quickly from any host.

So, to check and reduce components, i plugged the HBA of a server directly to the storage. The storage arrived with SFP, named SFP A. The brocade arrived also full furnished with SFP, named SFP B. In this test "directly plugged", if i use SFP A all works like a charm. If i use only SFP B i can't use the san correctly and a copy hangs quickly. My fibers are 50/125.

Wich kind of fiber is compatible with brocade SFP ?

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Re: SFP and fiber compatibility.

50/125 is standard shortwave cable and OK, Brocade don't uses a special cable.

is this the same switch whit Xsan ?

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Re: SFP and fiber compatibility.

Yes it is.

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