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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Resetting DCX to factory defaults


I need to reset DCX to factory setting (reset all configuration and definitions).

However, the DCX included port slot cards when powered off.

The configuration of the director wasn't swiped prior to power off.

While in storage, we took the port slots to other directors in our enviorment.


Now the DCX was powered up without any port slots, and comes up with no errors.

 But when I trying to reset the configuration, or delete logical switches - it can't be done. The director remeber the port slots that he had, and I can't delete any logical switch, nor reset the configuration.

Importent notice: when "lscfg --show" command is issued, no ports shown at all.


Any ideas?




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Re: Resetting DCX to factory defaults




try disabling the switch and then executing "configremoveall -all" (root access required). Once done that execute 'configdefault'.





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Re: Resetting DCX to factory defaults

Didn't help.

It cleared all configuration, but didn't deleted the Logical Switch configurations.

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Re: Resetting DCX to factory defaults

try cfgclear

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