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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Replacing an ISL switch

Hey guys,

I currently have a brocade 4900 and a 5300 ISL together as a single fabric.

Both switches have got connections to them. Now my company has just bought a new 5300 and wants to replace the 4900.

My question is, is the replacement procedure the same as adding a new switch? If no, can anyone provide me with the steps?


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Re: Replacing an ISL switch

Make sure you have your fabric settings correct like domain ID's etc. Modify your zoning if you use port based zoning. If you use WWN zoning just plug the cable into the new switch. If you're using multipath kit from whatever vendor it'll even be non-disruptive from an application perspective. (you might want to check other things as workload etc to avoid congestion on switch- and/or storage ports.)



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