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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Questions about interoperability

I have one DCX whose interop mode was configured as Mcdata 6140. In the future, if I don't change the mode and want DCX to connect B-Series. Question is what speed of DCX will happen? Keep intact or downgrade to 4G or 2G automatically ?

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Re: Questions about interoperability


you question is a bit confused.

1) DCX is 8G Plattform.

2) Interopmode, IM2 or IM3 don't have any Impact to Speed Settings

3) Interopmode have several command restriction vs Native Mode IM0

4) if you want to Upgrade DCX to NEW FOS 7.x or higher, keep in mind Interopmode is obsolete in FOS 7 and not longer supported.

If you need more info, you shold post more details here about the DCX config, FOS Rel. etc.


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