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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Question on ISL links, please?


I have two Brocade switches running "free standing", ie providing independent paths between storage and hosts. At present, the two switches do not "know" about each other.

My question is this: "What do I gain by adding one or more ISL links between the two switches?"

(eg performance, resilience, ease of zone mgmt ...)



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Re: Question on ISL links, please?

You loose resillience,because you have a single zoning DB. Now you have two. In case of a single zoning error you will break the entire fabric/SAN.

You will not get more performance because you will have not more paths. I assume you have a proper zoning in place at both switches.

You will win at the zoning management point because you need only a single session. Currently you need two sessions in a dual fabric.

It is best practice to have two fabrics.

By the way. If you have 100% locality between server and storage ports you can not see any data traffic on the ISLs.

Which means that they are useless.

I hope this helps,


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