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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Question about portperfshow and trunking


as per the isl trunking document for 2G, it says that portperfshow  for the trunk ports shows up equal transfer rate, i mean the load is equally shared between the trunking port. Is that same for 4G switch also. We have trunking license enabled.

Output of portperfshow for the trunking ports  right now what i see
                  0      1     2          3

slot 1:  117m  60m 220m 329m

what to do if i need the below way.

                0      1     2          3

slot 1:  181m  181m 182m 181m

Thanks in advance


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Re: Question about portperfshow and trunking

This is from the 2 GB trunking guide published by HP

Should port statistics be the same across all participating ISLs  within a trunk?

Not necessarily, it depends on the payload variations at the  frame level. While optimal bandwidth utilization is the goal of the ISL
Trunking  feature, traffic might not be distributed exactly the same across all  ISL links within a trunk.

Check your routing policy and  dynamic load sharing (DLS) settings, aptpolicy and dlsshow.


Biju  Krishnan

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