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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Port stuck in G-port on DCX

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We're having problems with a new installation of AIX servers with Emulex 8Gbit HBAs.

The ports on both fabrics get stuck on G-port mode.

We're running v7.0.2c on our switches.


fabriclog -s:

09:09:37.507010 ELP TO Rcv A2,P1 A2,P1 14 0x522d
09:09:37.507217 *ELP Send:rev=2,flow=4,flen=288,size=372 .. A2,P1 A2,P1 14 0x5235
09:09:37.507218 op_mode=0x400 A2,P1 A2,P1 14 0x5235
09:09:37.507224 ELP Retry 11 times A2,P1 A2,P1 14 0x5235
09:10:05.506986 ELP TO Rcv A2,P1 A2,P1 14 0x5235
09:10:05.506988 *ELP Retry Giving up! A2,P1 A2,P1 14 0x5235



Identifier: 3 SFP
Connector: 7 LC
Transceiver: 540c404000000000 2,4,8_Gbps M5,M6 sw Short_dist
Encoding: 1 8B10B
Baud Rate: 85 (units 100 megabaud)
Length 9u: 0 (units km)
Length 9u: 0 (units 100 meters)
Length 50u: 5 (units 10 meters)
Length 62.5u:2 (units 10 meters)
Length Cu: 0 (units 1 meter)
Vendor Name: HP-F BROCADE
Vendor OUI: 00:05:1e
Vendor PN: AJ716B
Vendor Rev: A
Wavelength: 850 (units nm)
Options: 003a Loss_of_Sig,Tx_Fault,Tx_Disable
BR Max: 0
BR Min: 0
Serial No: UAF413120000LSW
Date Code: 130319
DD Type: 0x68
Enh Options: 0xfa
Status/Ctrl: 0xb0
Alarm flags[0,1] = 0x5, 0x0
Warn Flags[0,1] = 0x5, 0x0
Alarm Warn
low high low high
Temperature: 39 Centigrade -10 90 -5 85
Current: 7.442 mAmps 1.000 17.000 2.000 14.000
Voltage: 3290.5 mVolts 2900.0 3700.0 3000.0 3600.0
RX Power: -3.3 dBm (471.9uW) 10.0 uW 1258.9 uW 15.8 uW 1000.0 uW
TX Power: -3.3 dBm (471.2 uW)125.9 uW 631.0 uW 158.5 uW 562.3 uW

State transitions: 12



Index Slot Port Address Media Speed State Proto
14 1 14 0bfc40 id N8 Online FC G-Port



I've disabled / enabled the port and ran portcfgdefault on it, but no help. Also tried manually setting different speeds but the result is the same.


Any ideas what might cause this?

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Re: Port stuck in G-port on DCX

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The issue is HBA side.


I made the same by a customer exactely One year.


I believe with "lscfg -sintax" command on AIX Host, you should get how the HBA is configured



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Re: Port stuck in G-port on DCX

Here is the output given to me:

 fcs1             U2C4E.001.DBJJ040-P2-C2-T2  PCIe2 4-Port 8Gb FC Adapter (df1000f114100104)


        Part Number.................74Y3467

        Serial Number...............1A31800020


        EC Level.................... D77075

        Customer Card ID Number.....5729

        FRU Number..................74Y3467

        Device Specific.(ZM)........3

        Network Address.............10000090FA343269

        ROS Level and ID............027820B7

        Device Specific.(Z0)........31004549

        Device Specific.(Z1)........00000000

        Device Specific.(Z2)........00000000

        Device Specific.(Z3)........09030909

        Device Specific.(Z4)........FF781150

        Device Specific.(Z5)........027820B7

        Device Specific.(Z6)........077320B7

        Device Specific.(Z7)........0B7C20B7

        Device Specific.(Z8)........20000120FA343269

        Device Specific.(Z9)........US2.02X7

        Device Specific.(ZA)........U2D2.02X7

        Device Specific.(ZB)........U3K2.02X7

        Device Specific.(ZC)........00000000

        Hardware Location Code......U2C4E.001.DBJJ040-P2-C2-T2




  Name:  fibre-channel

    Model:  74Y3467

    Node:  fibre-channel@0,1

    Device Type:  fcp

    Physical Location: U2C4E.001.DBJJ040-P2-C2-T2

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Re: Port stuck in G-port on DCX

the output show HBA information only, and not how is configured it.


you must made change in the HBA topology, in order to get the port working with DCX port.

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Re: Port stuck in G-port on DCX

lsdev outputs attached as pictures. Hopefully those are the correct ones.

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Re: Port stuck in G-port on DCX

Update the firmware on the HBA to the latest supported release and also include the driver for AIX.


Also see here. >


The problem is that the HBA does not respond to the ELP (Exchange Link Parameters) request from the switch.


The HBA side needs to get fixed.


Kind regards,
Erwin van Londen
Brocade Distinguished Architect The Fibre Channel blog

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Re: Port stuck in G-port on DCX

Hi Friends,


We have same for TSM tape Library adapter .I couldnt able to find the way to reconfigure the adater from TSM end .Kindly help me how to proced further ..I have done below steps stll its not working




2.Changed to port speed from AN to Fixed.





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