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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Port login problem


we are currently moving server from one location to another. Both location

are using the same fabric. On the new side we have 6510 switches running 7.2.1d,

on the old side 5300 running 6.4.3b.


We have a lot of trouble with some devices to get a connection (port login). First we thought the cableing

might be bad, but we also tried to connect one computer direct with the switch. Without success!

The port led just shows an amper light, while the hba is blinking (like not connected)


How can I check the login process on the SAN switch (the log of the computer does not contain any helpfull informations!) ?

All systems (HPC cluster) is running SuSE SLES 11 SP3, most have a Qlogic 2532.


Any help is wellcome!


Bye, Peer

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Re: Port login problem



Below are the usefull commands to use for your case:







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