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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Port Syntax for a secPolicyCreate command


I am working on a SilkWorm 24000 director, 16 ports per blade, and want to confirm the correct syntax for the secPolicyCreate "DCC_POLICY_..." command.

In the FOSAdminGuide, the following is specified regarding this command:

"...Device ports must be specified by port WWN. Switch ports can be identified by the switch WWN, domain ID, or switch name followed by the port or area number. To specify an allowed connection, enter the device port WWN, a semicolon, and the switch port identification. The following methods of specifying an allowed connection are possible:
• deviceportWWN;switchWWN (port or area number)
• deviceportWWN;domainID (port or area number)
• deviceportWWN;switchname (port or area number)"

This brings me to my question.  In the case of the switch port identifier, does the port number refer to the index number of the port, or would it be entered by slot/port?  For example, if I wanted to create a DCC policy to include port 1 on slot 2 of the director, would that be written as 17, or 2/1, or something else entirely?  I suspect that the port index number would be used, but please confirm and let me know if I'm completely off base here.


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Re: Port Syntax for a secPolicyCreate command

as 17

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Re: Port Syntax for a secPolicyCreate command

Thanks, using the port index worked perfectly.

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