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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Path state Failed in AIX in pcmpath query device

Hi Team,


In AIX, An HBA is degraded since on of the path is failed for one of the LUN came from IBM SVC.

I have veried the zonning and zonning is good.

I have verified the storage controller ports to whom the HBA is zonned, they are good and no errors are reported.

We have tried cfgmgr in AIX, but no luck.


I am providing the out put from the AIX.

# pcmpath query adapter

Total Dual Active and Active/Asymmetric Adapters : 2


Adpt#    Name    State     Mode             Select     Errors  Paths  Active

    0  fscsi3   NORMAL   ACTIVE         7532789388         58     28      28

    1  fscsi0   DEGRAD   ACTIVE         6662192154       1528     50      49

There is a path failed out of 50, 49 active.


DEV#:   8  DEVICE NAME: hdisk8  TYPE: 2145  ALGORITHM:  Load Balance

SERIAL: 60050848020105D2E000000000000004


Path#      Adapter/Path Name          State     Mode     Select     Errors

    0           fscsi3/path2           OPEN   NORMAL 1645008559          8

    1*          fscsi3/path3           OPEN   NORMAL      10532         11

    2           fscsi0/path0           OPEN   NORMAL 1445494269         49

    3*          fscsi0/path1         FAILED   NORMAL      78635         69


fscsi0/path1 is failed which is alternate path If I am not wrong.


Could you tell me what is went wrong to fail the path?

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Re: Path state Failed in AIX in pcmpath query device

No hardware failures from Storage ->Switch->Host


Could you tell me what I need to verify to find out the failed path and to fix?

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Re: Path state Failed in AIX in pcmpath query device

Hi, subbu.mca: at first you need to inquire your storage manufactory , i remember , for EMC storage, you need to into engneer mode, manual select the device path . second , can you try to delete the current FC adapter ? then refresh device from AIX OS, rebuilding device path . please attention, before delete FC adapter , you must be stop the applation at the FC adapter, perform the rmdev command , delete devices at the FC adapter .

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